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Commercial Property Search

Office and industrial space marketplace

Commercial Property Search is a mobile app and website for tenants and buyers to find commercial space nationwide and connect with brokers, landlords and property managers. In addition, it powers the CRE Broker Network multiple listing service, which allows real estate professionals to list and market properties, refer business among agents, and promote skills and services.

Role: UX/UI, visual design and Django/Bootstrap web development.


The Commercial Property Search mobile app and website was designed to provide a complete and multiple listing service (MLS) used by brokers and landlords to list properties that are searched for free by tenants and buyers, along with a referral-based platform for brokers and agents to grow their business. Central to the purpose of the application was the desire to make it easy for business owners to search listings across the nation while providing a full service solution that solves property marketing needs for commercial brokers and landlords.

Pages and components designed:

  • Broker referral network
  • Roster for Brokers, landlords, property managers
  • Tenant and lead generator
  • “Advisor” designation
  • Mapping
  • Brochure
  • Property profile search
  • Email blast marketing services
  • Landlord direct incentives
  • Image app for smartphones

Listing page: Customizable listings pages for each property type reflecting property details and incentive opportunities.

Primary users included agents (commercial, residential, and both), landlords, and property managers. Secondary customers included tenants, buyers, appraisers, and investment and portfolio managers.

To validate the product, we invited 200 real estate professionals in the United States to test the application and provide feedback. These users added a combined total of around 750 properties to the system.

Testing the solution with tenants and buyers, we discovered these users strongly wanted to engage a broker or agent to help them with their search. To meet the demand by brokers and agents for exposure, we created several tools that allow customization of their professional profile and the ability for brokers and agents to select a geographical area of expertise in a specific product type, ie. industrial, office, or retail.

Broker and tenant dashboards: Showing inquiries, saved searches, and profile information.